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FarmIt! Tractor Attachment
Forklift, Log Skidder, Bale Spear & more for 3-pt. hitch!

Do you own a farm tractor with a CAT1 or Cat2 3-point hitch? If so, the FarmIt! might be exactly what you have been looking for! The rugged FarmIt! does it all, from skidding logs to lifting heavy pallets and bales of hay. It even has a 2 inch center receiver so you can easily hitch a trailer to your tractor. Watch the video and see details and specifications below about the many things you can do with the FarmIt! tractor attachment!

FarmIt! Forklift Attachment
FarmIt! as a forklift or bale spear:
When the 38 inch forks are inserted into their receivers, the FarmIt!
can be used as a forklift! The FarmIt! is so ruggedly built that you can lift just about any amount of weight your tractor is capable of up to the point when your front wheels lift off the ground. If that happens, add a counterweight to the front of your tractor and you can lift even more! If you add a hydraulic top-link (not included) to your tractor you will even be able to tilt the forks! The FarmIt! can only lift things as high as your tractor's 3-pt. hitch's travel, but that is more than enough to move a heavy pallet or a bale around.  When not in use, the forks store easily inside the vertical frame tubes so they are out of your way but always close at hand.

FarmIt! Log SkidderFarmIt! as a Log Skidder:
With the forks removed, you can use this heavy duty frame to easily and securely skid logs out of your woodlot. Just wrap a 5/16 or 3/8 inch choker chain (not included) around the log or logs, hook the chain to the FarmIt!'s upper chain slot, and lift it up! By raising the end of the log you will have greater maneuverability, cleaner logs and cause less damage to to your woodlot, fields and roads. Raising the front end of the log also means it won't get caught on rocks, roots and ditches. Add weight to the front of your tractor and you will be able to lift surprisingly large logs with the FarmIt! Also included is a handy "drawbar chain slot attachment" for the tractor's draw bar, and by hooking a second chain (or the other end of the choker chain) into it, and then hooking the lift end of the choker chain, you can stop the log from swaying forward and back as you drag it. Also, you can use the included "log wedge" attachment to wedge small logs into the FarmIt! so you can lift them up from one end, allowing you to cut them with your chainsaw much more easily. Watch the video to see this in action!

Fits: 3-point hitch, category 1 & category 2 (with bushings, not included)
Construction: Heavy wall structural steel tubing.  Built to work as hard as you do!
Finish: Coated in a rugged epoxy coating or powder coating for maximum durability.
Color will vary.
Includes: FarmIt! tractor attachment for 3-pt. hitch
drawbar chain slot attachment
log wedge attachment
5/8 in. receiver pins (qty. 3)
7/8 in. side-link pins (qty. 2)
Weight Capacity: The FarmIt! can lift approximately 2000 lbs.
Note that you may need to add a counterweight to the front of your tractor to lift heavy loads.
Weight: 115 lbs. (approximate) with forks
85 lbs. (approximate) with forks removed
Dimensions: 40-1/2 inches high by 31 inches wide.  Forks are 43 inches long (38 inches usable when inserted)
Shipping: Shipping weight is approximately 130 lbs.
The unit will ship via UPS Ground with insurance and signature required to the continental U.S. (48 states) only.
Availability: $850 w/ FREE SHIPPING.
Will ship to the continental United States (lower 48 states) only.
Sorry, no PO Boxes or APO/FPO shipping.
6% sales tax added on Pennsylvania orders.
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